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Family and creating treasured memories with them is one of the most important things in my life. The special moments that seem insignificant at the time will later be memories that we treasure forever I look forward to helping you make some of yours.

MY story

Here goes lol

In 2011 I set up an inflatable company as a part-time business as a way to earn an extra income it was a difficult task as I had to employ people as my main job was in the military.

After a few years, the inflatable company grew bigger than I ever expected and we become one of the leading hire companies in the west midlands.

After one hectic year, the unbelievable happened and I injured my back knowing and trying to juggle two jobs 1 that not only give me an extra income but joy to and the other my carrier I had to choose and sadly let the inflatable company go.


Myself and my partner

Decided to adopt 2 sisters age 4 and 6 at the time.

During the process 1 ½ year in we found that we was having another child of our own and with me, due to go on tour we was faced with a decision that would change everything I ever knew.

We were told that because my partner would be on her own for 6 months plus with my son a newborn and two girls that would need constant support I have to choose my career or continuing with the adoption.

After coming from a similar situation when I was a child it hit home knowing what these girls were going through and what challenges they would face hurt the anger and chances of going down the wrong path in life.

I couldn’t let that happen, so the decision was made in an instant.

But what now, my mental health started to suffer as I felt hopeless not knowing what I could do with myself.

After thinking hard about the inflatable company I once had and how being around happy people celebrating special occasions made me feel happy and positive I started to look into the whole industry what could I do what could I involve my children in giving them something for the future. What would make me love going to work once again?

A friend of mine who is a DJ asked me if I wanted to do some jobs with him and BAM

The first time I saw a photo booth, I saw happy people I saw joy but on a note, a miserable attendant, scruffy and needed his shirt tucked in and shoes needed more polish, sorry “ rant alert” its bred in my attention to detail lol

The atmosphere the photo booth created was amazing although very basic in technology I knew this was what I wanted to do.

Over the next year, I have seen many many photobooths as popularity was growing.

I have always seen them around in many venues and at many events, but it was only when I started to see the difference with and without them at parties that I became interested to learn a lot more.

Attention to detail

Parties with them always seemed to be a lot more fun, giving the whole event a completely different atmosphere and vibe. Everyone would always come away from the booths laughing, queues would begin to form and before you knew it, everyone at the event was smiling and having lots of fun. They give guests another form of entertainment, a place where they could dress up, be creative and make some crazy pictures, I was hooked!

But I didn’t want to just hire Photo Booths and Magic Mirrors, I wanted to provide the BEST could find – ones that would offer people even more fun, and a much better quality of the picture.

I didn’t know much about things like software at first, I thought photo booths were all pretty much the same, plus every company was telling me they had the most advanced and latest software. To be honest, it was confusing, to say the least.

Whenever I was at any event and I saw a Photo Booth or Magic Mirror, I would ask as many questions as I could. I started to notice a pattern, not just with the Photo Booths but also the types of companies that hired them. You had a few types around.

Those that purely specialised in Photo Booths! Those that had them as an extra, like DJs and venue dresses, photographers! And those that would only do hires in their spare time. But what I noticed about them more than anything when I was at the events was that the majority that specialised in just Photo Booths had a lot more passion for their work, better quality pictures, better props and also much better, up to date equipment and software.

They would put in a lot more effort in general, giving the events a much better positive vibe. The more I saw, the more I finally understood what my dad said to me when I was younger about companies that do everything – “Jack of all trades master of none”.

It was from remembering that and seeing the clear difference in those types of companies.

I decided to purely specialise in just Photo Booths and Magic Mirrors, with the added few non-specialised items such as Dance Floors and Love Lights.

I researched night and day for weeks on end.

I also used our many contacts within the industries to help find the very best Photo Booths and Magic Mirrors from all over the world. I wanted to give our customers a quality and entertainment factor unlike any they have ever seen before! After months of research, I finally bought our first Photo Booths and Magic Mirrors.

2015 Funky Pictures was born and we had two brand new family members.

Years on and we are now one of the UK’s leading Photo Booth and Magic Mirror hire companies for Affordability, Quality and Service.

PS, and FUN

Darren and Katie


This is me

If you braved reading my story and are still awake and haven’t fallen asleep you can check out what’s available to hire on your event date using our calendar you can find this on our home page if something you wanted to hire isn’t available please get in contact we might still be able to help.

Katie & Lauren

Joined our family in 2015.

My world in one picture

Everything I do is for them.


Fantastic night.
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